Bethesda G^Kids have a Sunday morning worship service during the 10:45am service.  
It’s a high energy, fun environment where kids can
experience God and come to know the saving grace
of Jesus Christ.
Our mission is simple – to lead children to faith
in Jesus Christ.  The intention is to show each child
that they are God’s workmanship and created with a
purpose – to love others, build friendships, gain wisdom
and live a life of dedication to the glory of God.
K5 – 5th Grade
MUG, Inc. is much like G^Kids, but for children ages 3 & 4.  
                It allows the children to learn about God through Bible lessons, music, crafts,                               and other organized group activities.
Snack is served.
Our Nursery is fully staffed and serves children from birth through 2 years old.
Boys Club is for boys from K5 – 12th grade and meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm.
The misson of Boys Club is to teach and reach boys for Jesus Christ.
Girls Club is for girls ages 3 to 12 and meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm.
The misson of Girls Club is to continually cultivate knowledge and love for Jesus Christ, our family and our world.